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Being … A Vision in Progress

“The world gives way to the man who knows where he’s going.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Death Begets Life, Photograph by Ireena Worthy
Death Begets Life, Photograph by Ireena Worthy

In recent years, my life as a professional musician and visual artist has taken a significant turn. The confluence of two very different experiences – a voluntary exile from the framework and vision of reality in my birth country and living and studying abroad- have made an art and humanity lover, become a fierce advocate for the universal values and ancestral wisdom that speaks of being human from the perspective of the soul.

The Western view of progress has reduced life and the individual to abstract categories that leave essential aspects of our identity out. Despite the valuable effort to promote the “21st century skills,” we keep eluding intangible human attributes as, meaning, beauty, the sacred and transcendent – attributes of the soul and at the root of greatness.

Being engaged, creative and morally comprehensive is not a luxury; those are the basic elements for a successful and fulfilling life. Our challenge nowadays, is not technological; it is humanistic, social. The obsession with acquisition, achievement and the “measurable” in society and education, have created a standardized “reality” where the lack of meaning, values and self-awareness has led us to forget the importance of the soul and its role in our lives.

I contend that the soul is both, philosophically and ethically essential to draw a solid understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. To leverage the unique potential of each individual to engage in the world, thus, we need to recognize and educate the soul.

My vision for sustainable social change, progress and peace, seeks answers in the arts and the broader cultural heritage, providing us with ancient and modern perspectives on how to educate the soul, grow character and encourage critical thinking without leaving behind vital aspects of being human as imagination, intuition and vulnerability.

Serving as an ambassador for meaning and beauty is a mission based on my belief that life itself is a poetic act; one plenty of creative potential and possibilities that are being defined as we walk into ”Becoming” what we’re meant to be.

A Daisy in a flowery field is not just another flower!

I am convinced that every human being is born with a purpose and a legacy for humanity. Our limited vision and tend to compare ourselves can lead us to pretend that the seed is less valuable than the land that sustains it.

It is not up to us to determine the weight of our contribution to the Great Scheme of Life. Fortunately, that is in Wiser and Superior hands. However, it is in our hands to actively participate in the experience of discovering, grow and serve from a place where the connection with ourselves, others and the world; comes from unconditional love and the miracle that lies beyond our image in the mirror.

“First say to yourself what you are going to become;
and then do what you have to do to make it happen.”


I move constantly between the sands of my vulnerabilities and strengths, triumphs and failures. I claim no magic formulas or shortcuts for life challenges, only some expertise and a deep love for the subject of “human being.”

My long and persistent inquiry into the fields of being an artist, musician, facilitator, teacher, writer, adventurer, a member of a family, community and the world; have taught me that happiness and fulfillment are directly and proportionally related to the capacity for wonder and daring. The first lives, literally and metaphorically, in the child’s heart. The second is shaped by the process of acknowledging our deepest longings and the embrace of the call latent in our souls.

In the ordinary life of the society that goes to work, produces, educates, laughs, cries, plays, love, resists, changes, prays, gives up, fights, complains and dreams (among other things); the latter – dreams- is a priority in my schedule. Not only as a delicious hotbed for creativity and imagination, but as the big personal vision which becomes a verb, in my students, clients and myself.

Finding the mechanisms through which what “wants to be” shall manifests requires forging the qualities, skills and beliefs necessary for it to flourish. Thus, this ambassador of the “subjective and invisible” becomes an activist and strategist for the soul -whether in music, art, education or life- always creating and sharing tools to make it possible and accessible to everyone.

“ARTLeads-U”, “Teaching for Greatness™ “and “I-BE-U Circles™ are the formats in which my workshops, classes, private interventions and group meetings, develop and advance.

Closely linked to my personal expression in the visual arts, creative writing and music, they represent my way to contribute and grow with and for the world.


Image Credit: Death Begets Life, Photograph by Ireena Worthy on Flickr. A small fir tree (which has become a bonsai) grows atop a dead log in the waters of Fairy Lake, near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island- British Columbia, Canada.
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