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“There is no such thing as” small lives “there is only poverty of dreams.”

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The Soul Is an Artist, is a creative journey inward, a tool to explore what gives meaning and purpose to our lives. This workshop enters our symbolic world to give us a way to communicate with our soul and benefit from its guidance.

Elements and principles of art, as well as and celebrated movements and author of great skill; are used to illustrate the way we see ourselves and our environment, to gain perspective and close the gap between “where we are and where we want to be.”

The Soul Is an Artist, is a powerful proposal to build life skills and leadership based on a unique and honest view of who we are and what we want. It invites us to make an alliance between the expert and mature adult and the candid and troublemaker inventor living in us. The soul is an artist believes that to experience the magic and beauty of creativity can take us to a place of appreciation and understanding of artistic beauty in the world and the beauty of the world in the arts.

What We Aim?

Leadership and satisfaction come from being the person you really are, from being authentic. Authentic people, leaders and great artists do certain things on a regular basis:

  • They speak the truth: do not betray themselves and remain anchored in their personal values.
  • Lead from the heart: the best leaders are not afraid to show their vulnerability. They really care for each other and commit to contribute to their personal and professional growth.
  • Show Character: Who we are speaks much higher than anything we could ever say. Strength of character, rich in moral fiber; is real power and people can feel it miles away. Authentic leaders believe in nobility and compassion.
  • Have Courage: it takes a lot of courage to be a visionary or to go against the crowd. We live in a world where many walk the path of least resistance. True leadership is about taking the road less traveled and doing not what is easy; but what is right.
  • Collaborate and Create Community: one of the main things people are looking to experience in life and work; is a sense of community. We want to belong. Authentic leaders create spaces that encourage human bonds and lasting friendships.
  • Go Deep: authentic leaders know themselves intimately. They move through fears and doubts, know their weaknesses and bet on their strengths.
  • Dream Big: it is from imaginations that great things are born. Authentic leaders dare to dream impossible dreams. They strive for excellence. No human being is perfect; every one of us is a work in progress. Authentic leaders are constantly pushing towards excellence in everything they do.
  • Create Impact: success is wonderful, but “significance” is even better. We are meant to contribute and make a difference in the world.

Authentic leaders are constantly building their legacies and adding value to make the world a better place in the process.

The program is…

An invitation to move toward our highest potential, through the immense power of creative energy and authenticity…

Why participate?

It is a celebration of personal creativity and achievement; an unforgettable experience full of memories and powerful ideas that come together in the search and strengthening of our capabilities and help us become leaders of our lives. We are joined in a collaborative and supportive space where music, poetry, art and spontaneity surprise us and filled us with joy and motivation.

The end result?

It is a reunion with our familiar but forgotten ability to play and enjoy ourselves, while we explored life lessons and make art, without judging ourselves or our capacity for adventure.

Do I need previous experience in art?

No. The workshops only require an open heart to enjoy, participation in personal and group activities, and a commitment to the magic of “Being”.