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Why Educate de Soul?1898210_10155644361705580_7402933608421512923_n(1)

The soul, mind and heart of our children keep the openness and purity necessary to see life through the lens of “Possibility.” Their intuition, natural talents and strengths can, and deserve to be guided lovingly and respectfully to find that vision of themselves surmounts conventions and sees potential.

Through active participation in interdisciplinary activities, exploration and collaboration, our children learn to become their own teachers, while enjoying the techniques and opportunities the arts offer in its many manifestations.

Teaching for Greatness goes beyond the specific talents and strengths of the individual into the invisible thread that weaves through and gives them life. TFG understands that the human being is more than what can be seen or even imagined, and explores the mysteries of the invisible with openness and trust in their hidden wonder and the invaluable contribution they make to our development and comprehensive success.

From this follows that TFG and all its programs under the “Anatomy of the Invisible” Series, are built upon the ideas below:

  • Reason and emotion form an interconnected system which exerts a great influence on the behavior of everyday life and personal growth over the long term.
  • Each child is a universe unto itself; with aspirations, characteristics and different learning styles that are enriched and transformed by experience.
  • We learn and grasp the world with more than our senses and our minds.
  • We learn through the use of particular skills. When we observe and practice behaviors and patterns that show those qualities we want to emulate, we create new habits of mind and body and develop an internalized understanding.
  • Curiosity, persistence and passion are essential elements of creativity; together with discipline and focus, they lead to personal and professional expertise.
  • In every human being there is a seed of greatness that needs to be carefully cultivated. The nature of this seed is revealed gradually through the experiences, strengths and weaknesses of our children. Addressing this process with deep admiration and respect and providing the tools that can make it flow and flourish; is not only our responsibility as mentors and guides, but a gift that life gives us.

Great souls have wills; weak ones, only desires.
Chinese Proverb