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Piano Intervention Coaching & Clinics

sota and samford 028Studying an instrument requires focused and constant practice. Music combines both, the management of the body to produce sound, and a process of intellectual and emotional exploration in which meaning and expression are intertwined.

Music passages are full of content, and is through critical awareness and engagement in our practice, that we come to discover and outline a personal message. Composer and performer become one, reinventing ideas and revitalizing the creative impulse.

The study of music is a long-term work. It requires the discipline and commitment of a high level performance athlete; the curiosity and inquiring capacity of an adventurer, and narrative talent of a social communicator. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to study an instrument when we feel our work is inefficient, or we are not willing to put the love and exercise patience it requires.

Facing a score is similar to face any challenge in life


  • Observe where we are and where we go
  • Set goals and tasks
  • Get clear about our resources and what we need to do
  • Order the tasks according to their difficulty
  • Prioritize
  • Use existing resources and prepare to acquire new tools
  • Look for models
  • Evaluate and change tactics as we move through the process
  • Apply our creativity to provide solutions to problems
  • Iterate
  • Allow intuition to flow
  • Persist
  • Celebrate

One of the basic challenges in learning to play an instrument (and preparing repertory), is not knowing how to practice for optimal results. My clinics provide a portfolio of well-established resources and best practices to make the process of learning music, an efficient and motivational one with far-reaching results.

The clinics are a timely intervention to resolve technical, expression or just motivational problems. They are open to all students who need help preparing or troubleshooting the repertory provided by their Music School or head teacher. This work is done respecting the client-relationship between their main teacher and student. Any concerns, changes proposed or specific problems would be  addressed in agreement. The number of sessions would depend on the student’s specific needs.

My Teaching Philosophy? (LINK)


For clinics or regular lessons:
Email: rastrosdegrandeza@gmail.com