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“When you make music you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.”
~ Bill Evans

Mission Statement

Bringing awareness about how high levels of training in music performance and art pursuit’s, help us discover inbuilt talents and realize our inner worth; while encouraging personal and professional development by empowering leadership skills and the resourcefulness essential for quality of life and fulfillment.

My Philosophy of Teaching

The moment I became an incipient pianist, and realized how deeply connected music was to life and emotions; I felt compelled to share my discoveries and teach. I believe I work with souls, as fragile, beautiful, and longing for development as mine was, and still is. I truly believe that what I am really teaching is about live, and music happens to be an amazing language to express the subtleties and deep meanings of the principles and magic governing our body, emotions and experiences.

Music is a straight path to that especial partner inside us, making it easier for us to remain in contact with our true essence.

Enjoyment and discovery must be an intrinsic part of learning and teaching music. However; as a musician and professional, I know what an important role discipline and dedication play in what we do. As a matter of fact,those two qualities are essential for succeeding in whatever we want in life.

Despite the kind of music we would like to learn to play or our intention -or not- to become a professional pianist in the future; I place great importance in mastering the skills and specific knowledge required to achieve every little o big goal we settle for. When learning is well structured, with accurate goals, sharp focus and a sense of “what”, “why” and ‘how” to manage our efforts and time; practicing and playing the piano becomes a smooth, amiable and joyful process.

I will not lie, playing an instrument requires commitment and overcoming obstacles. It is not always fun…
Frustration, loss of energy and apathy can be prevented though, with awareness, guidance and intrinsic motivation.

The spiritual and personal growth involved in learning a piece and being able to play it, joined with the pleasure and fulfillment music brings into our lives; makes this effort worthy without doubts.

My goal is to help my students become the best musician they can be in a safe and joyful environment; while empowering them to discover the many talents and skills they possess, with the understanding that most of the greatest accomplishments in life requires accountability, and an instrument will ask for it.

Thank you for your interest and love for music.

Mercedes Calcano