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What makes up for the power of stories to transform our lives?
Why traditional stories, myths, and fairy tales recreated once and again; have the power to move us deeply?
What mysterious and eternal magic tied our stories and our lives all together?

Human beings are essentially storytellers. Stories speak to our longing for expansion, connection and belonging. In stories enduring elements, motifs and universal patterns, become our own, and we know that no matter the path, we are not walking alone.

Stories can make us whole. They mirror our soulful nature and unlimited capability to imagine and love. Stories unleashing a force capable to draw out the potential for greatness bestowed in us. They reveal the power of enduring values and lessons about living life deeply; sewing together timeless snippets of shared humanity

Every life is a story unfolding. When shared, life stories become teaching tools passed along multigenerational and cultural groups. Stories hold the key to the sacred blueprint that turns a fragile human seed into what it is meant to be. When we own our story, we fondle the power of transcendence.