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b5304924a2bd77e4ab340620a23ed601The program seeks to create a vision of possibility by allowing spaces for the free expression of our inner being by fostering, enriching and recreating our capacity for awe, understanding and wonder.

Anatomy of the Invisible sees the individual across the spectrum of his lights and shadows, with a loving gaze and open mind, to grasp the messages that help us shape our perception of the world and ourselves.

When we approach every moment, challenge and achievement as an enthusiastic learner, we learn to appreciate our humanity and talents, as well as those of others, and sail life’s events with confidence and serene optimism.

Through fun and creative activities, participants will acquire tools that enable them to:


  • Promote human development, character and values
  • Cultivate an efficient and deliberate sense of reflection and work habits.
  • Strengthen leadership skills that prepare them to establish better families, school and social life dynamics and assume positions of responsibility.
  • Develop teamwork skills, fortify cooperation and encourage building a sense of community entrepreneurship.
  • Develop the ability to innovate and formulate projects; and the persistence and discipline to carry them out.
  • Enjoy their multiple dimensions as human beings and capitalize on their known and unknown talents.
  • Acknowledge themselves as comprehensive and resourceful beings with the ability to imagine and create the impossible.
  • Learn to flow with uncertainty and the unknown.
  • Communicate more effectively and authentically.
  • Explore the role that meaning and purpose have in their life and make the soul a routine partner and advisor.

Based on the study of how the principles and components of artistry and artistic performance are expressed in other fields, the program explores the interdisciplinary nature of human experience and the deliberate integration of the qualitative and subjective elements that make our inner world into ordinary living.

Anatomy of the invisible challenges us to explore and speak openly about the human soul and its role in the journey of life in this time and space; and rely on its wisdom to face crossroads and enrich our daily decisions.

Anatomy of the Invisible has several formats for children, youth and adults, through which we become conscious of our inmost being, listen to our heroic soul call and the purpose written in the stars for us.