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I come from the fundamental idea that the essential things in life are not only are invisible, they are not “things” but complex abstract concepts. These abstractions belong in the bucket of universal principles that we understand better when we see them in action or perceive with the eyes of the soul.

It is so hard to define…
Can we actually touch, gauge…
 Life, Death, Integrity, Vision, Respect, Love, Rebirth and…

Literal definitions cannot encompass the meaning these abstractions charge from a personal perspective where concepts are expanded and transformed with the unique overtones of the individual imagination.

“Intangibles,” then referred here as the invisible forces that feed and shape who we are in every minute of our existence.


The “invisible and intangible” are at the center of my personal quest as an artist and educator; understanding their influence and power has become a life purpose.

Human beings are complex and beautiful creatures. We come in different shapes and colors. Sometimes we need a prism to see the rainbow within ourselves.

It may take many years to learn to live from that authentic place of “who we are” and accept all its shades. It is however a journey in which the rewards far outweighs the inevitable falls; reminding us of the unconquerable nature of our soul and the magic is able to evoke.

My experience has taught me that the “Unseen” is “that” through which the Arete* is forged.



Teaching for Greatness ™

1. Growing in Love
Workshop: The Journey of Becoming™

2. Heart Archaeology
Workshop: Hunters Rainbow Youth ™

3. One for All
Meet-up: I-BE-U Circles


Art & Life Celebrate Encounters ™

1. Series Life in a Drawing
Workshop: The soul is an artist, a creative journey to your inner landscape ™
Workshop: Hunters Rainbow Adults ™

2. Series Sound Stories
Interactive Recital: Once Upon a time™… I-Stories™
Interactive Recital: I thought I Saw™…
Interactive Recital: Swappy Stories™

3. Series Conversations with Soul
Workshop: Letters to an Unknown Friend™
Meet-up: I-BE-U
Private Session: Soul Whispering


* Arete (Greek: ἀρετή) is one of the crucial concepts of Ancient Greece. However, it is difficult to determine with accuracy strange and ambiguous meaning. In its most general form denotes nobility, expertise, excellence, character and virtue.