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“Greatness is a road toward something that is unknown.”
Charles de Gaulle


I have the deep conviction that seeds of greatness sojourn in every human being.  Just look at how talent and yearnings unfold in the hearts of our children and slowly sprout into this fresh dance of possibilities that life is for them.

We have indeed been gifted with amazing potential and the capacity to love, imagine and wonder;  and under the pressure of social fast dynamics, we have forgotten that we are creative creatures by nature.

“HAVING” has displaced “BEING”.

We live in a haste,  so apprehensive of -“not living up to…” or “not having what it takes to …” – demands, that we have actually given up Living!

Each of us bears invaluable gifts, which sole purpose is to be enjoyed and shared with the world at the best of our capacity. Our treasures mature with the patient and devoted care of their guardian and the generous and respectful contribution of loved ones, guides, and teachers.

Every path we have taken is a thread in the fabric of existence. When fear detours the hero from the adventure; a treasure vanishes and the whole universe feels the loss.

Teaching For Greatness™  is a space for an archaeological excavation of the soul. It is a place for reflection, contribution, a space to share stories and resources that defy limiting conceptions and move into creating a vision of the Possible – WTHI-IN and FOR – our children and ourselves.

Traces of Greatness Blog seeks to inspire young and old heroes to sketch a life that colors itself in the rhythm of our dreams and builds a bridge between consciousness and our beautiful and imperfect humanity.


Image Credit:http://all4desktop.com/4139723-solar-eclipse.html